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Flanged gate valve supplier

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Flanged gate valves are designed to be used as a control unit in pipes that transport medium. Their main function is to cut off and connect the flow of medium in the pipe.Flanged gate valves usually consist of a body, cover, stem, gate, seal and drive.A handwheel is commonly used to drive the device, and pneumatic or electric actuators may also be provided.
Flanged gate valves are disc shaped and open and close by stem actuation.Stem and gate movement is perpendicular to the direction of body passage and flow in the line.Flange gate valve only fully open and fully closed two states, so can only be used in the pipeline to cut off the flow of media, can not regulate the flow rate.In addition, flange gate valve in the opening and closing, the long distance of the gate, opening and closing although labor saving, but very time-consuming.So the role of the flange gate valve is very suitable for use in the pipeline does not need to open and close often, do cut off or connect the flow of the medium used in the pipeline.
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The flange gate valve has two sealing faces. When the flange gate valve is closed, the sealing face of the gate valve can be pressed to the side of the seat through the pressure of the medium, so as to achieve sealing, which is self-sealing.The gate basically belongs to the forced sealing type, that is to say, when the flange gate valve is closed, it needs to rely on the external force of the medium to force the gate plate to the seat, to ensure the sealing performance of the flange gate valve sealing face.
Flanged gate valves are characterized by low fluid resistance, labor-saving switch operation, two-way flow and good sealing performance.
Flanged gate valve supplier

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