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ss304 butterfly valve factory

Posted by Bundor valve
ss304 butterfly valve because of its excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability, is often used in the chemical industry, this kind of industry for the quality of butterfly valve is also quite high.Therefore, as a company purchasing, it is very important to choose high-quality and reliable ss304 butterfly valve factory.
ss304 butterfly valve
Bundor valve, is a high-quality ss304 butterfly valve factory, each valve from research and development, production to factory after layers of quality inspection, and provide you with product certificate.If you are interested in consulting the price of ss304 butterfly valve, you can directly click on the official website of the online customer service for inquiry.

Recently, some customers asked, ss304 butterfly valve is not rust?Why did the butterfly valve product I bought rust?With this problem, Xiaobian also asked the related technical personnel.

For stainless steel, the general situation will not be easy to rust steel, but in fact, stainless steel will rust."From the characteristics of the stainless steel valve itself, the reason is not rust because there is a layer of chromium oxide film on the surface to prevent the external oxygen atoms and other particles to cause damage to the object, so that the valve has the characteristics of rust."Germany technical personnel said, however, when the film is damaged by environmental factors, will enter with oxygen atoms, and iron ions free out, stainless steel valve rust.

So, if the ss304 butterfly valve is rusty, how to solve this problem?Bande technical staff suggestions:

First, often clean and scrub the surface of the ss304 butterfly valve, remove attachments, and eliminate external factors that cause corrosion.

Second, the seaside area to use 316 material of stainless steel, because 316 material can resist the corrosion of sea water.

Third, some stainless steel tube chemical composition on the market does not meet the corresponding national standards, can not meet the material requirements of 304, so it will also cause rust.In this regard, the technical personnel said that the user in the choice of ss304 butterfly valve, must carefully choose the products of the reputable butterfly valve supplier.