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Advantages of Bundor Valve Agents

Posted by Bundor valve
Bundor Valve, a brand that started in 1994, is a source manufacturer, independent research and development, intelligent detection, scientific management, and rapid delivery to help you avoid detours and achieve success in the valve industry.
If you want to be our agent, Bundor Valve can provide you with the following support:
1. Generous profits, dealers have price advantages;
2. Product quality assurance, after-sales service of Bundor brand valves are contracted by manufacturers, and dealers have no worries about sales.
3. The supply is not late. Arrange to start production within 8 hours after the order is confirmed to ensure the quality and delivery cycle of Bundor valve products.
4. Perfect after-sales system, professional after-sales team, so that the problem is not solved, and the personnel are not evacuated.
5. Manufacturers from the source of strength, no middlemen make the difference.
6. Support advantages include regional protection, management support, publicity support, and operation support
The agency of Bundor valve brand, the products comply with the American ASME standard, the European Union EN standard, the international standard ISO, the German DIN standard, the Japanese JIS standard, the British BS standard, the Russian standard and the Chinese GB, HB, JB standard production; valve pressure: medium and low pressure Valve; specifications: DN15~DN1800; valve materials: cast iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, cast steel, carbon steel, A105, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.; the driving method can be manual, electric, pneumatic, gear transmission and other devices ; Connection method: wafer type, flange, wire port; the leading products are handle butterfly valve, turbine butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, soft sealing butterfly valve, wafer butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, butterfly check valve, filter, Rubber soft joints, etc.
Bundor valve recruits global valve agents. At present, the agent has two directions: channel agent and engineering agent. For details, you can click on the online customer service on the website or send an email to for detailed consultation.