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Happy 16th time for Bundor Valve! Simple happiness, extraordinary meaning

Posted by Bundor valve

  On August 14, 2021, the 16th Happy Meeting of BundorValvecame as scheduled. BundorPartners gathered together to share the harvest and joy of the previous work phase!

  A wonderful talent show kicked off the prelude to the happy meeting. The day coincided with the Qixi Festival, a song "Daughter Love", I wish everyone a sweet love, and everyone would like to give warm applause to the wonderful singing.

  The company rewards the top partners in the August points system grouping rankings. Every sweat is rewarded. I hope that the friends will continue to work hard!

  Next is the point-based lottery ticket draw and auction that everyone is particularly looking forward to every time. Everyone is looking forward to becoming the lucky winner and getting the gifts they want.The anticipation during the lottery and the fierce bidding brought the atmosphere of this happy meeting to a climax.

  In the "eyebrow teaser" game, the singles group and the passion group play a PK game, who will win?let us wait and see!

  In each happy meeting, the company will send delicious birthday cakes to the birthday stars of this month. Everyone sings birthday songs together and sincerely wishes the birthday stars a happy life and happiness!

  Happy points and ahppy work are the never-changing slogans of Happy Meeting, and we look forward to a more exciting presentation next time!Let's move towards the next higher goal together!