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How does ability do valve agent

Posted by Bundor valve
1. Preliminary consultation:
General DE valve: hello, want to do the valve agent, you can refer to the following process.
Applicant should consult to understand the application area or customer unit is the blank area or customer that the manufacturer does not authorize, applicant should understand the market condition of valve industry in the area, competitor strength and so on.

2. Apply for joining:
Apply to join before should understand manufacturer valve agent joins a condition, put forward application demand, show join means, elaborate applicant is in local advantage to wait.
3. Qualification audit:
After the manufacturer receives the application for valve agency, the manufacturer shall send specially-assigned persons to connect with the applicant and review the relevant agency qualification of the applicant.
4. Investigation and negotiation:
After the senior audit, there is no problem. Special personnel from the manufacturer will go to the local place of the applicant for a field visit. The two sides will further negotiate on cooperation matters.
5. Formal authorization:
After the evaluation has the qualification to join, determine the authorization, agents should be active on the valve manufacturers brand publicity, seriously do a good job in marketing, to expand the market of the valve brand, the general DE brand market share in this area increased year by year.