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Bundor Stainless steel butterfly valves are exported to Burundi

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: A customer in Africa purchased Bundor stainless steel butterfly valve and supporting flanges and other products  

Customer name: A customer in Africa  

Purchased valve: Bundor stainless steel butterfly valve and supporting flange  

Customer requirements: Factory installation and use

The customer comes from a country in Africa and has a local processing plant. The valves and ancillary products purchased this time are all used in the pipes of his own factory. Therefore, the customer has strict requirements on all aspects of the products, especially the product quality.  

This is the first time for the customer to cooperate with Bundor Valve. When communicating with the foreign trade personnel of Bundor Valve, the customer clearly stated that it only accepts the products of Bundor brand and does not accept any other brands.  Bundor Valve staff expressed heartfelt thanks to the customer's recognition, and asked the customer why they chose to stick to Bundor Valve.

It turned out that the customer had a comprehensive understanding of Bundor Valve through various channels such as the Internet before inquiring to Bundor Valve. After having a full understanding, customers are also very relieved about the Bundor brand, so they will tell the Bundor staff that only the Bundor brand is accepted.

In the end, the two parties communicated to determine the price and delivery time.The customer purchased the required stainless steel butterfly valves and supporting flanges from Bundor Valve.