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What is a Ventilation butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
Ventilation butterfly valve is a non - airtight butterfly valve.It is used in the dusty cold or hot air gas pipelines of ventilation and environmental protection engineering in chemical industry, building materials industry, power station, glass industry, etc., as a pipeline control device for gas medium to regulate flow or cut off, it should be installed horizontally in the pipeline in general.
Ventilation butterfly valve
Ventilation butterfly valve structure features
1. It is designed and manufactured by the new structure form of welding between the middle line plate and the short structure steel plate, with compact structure, light weight, easy to install, small flow resistance, large flux, avoiding the influence of high temperature expansion, and easy to operate; 

2. No connecting rod, bolts, etc., reliable operation and long service life. 

3. Multi-station installation is not affected by the flow direction of media.