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How to distinguish butterfly valves from ball valves

Posted by Bundor valve
The biggest difference between the ball valve and butterfly valve is that the opening and closing parts of the butterfly valve is a plate, and the ball valve is a ball, the butterfly valve disc and the ball valve spool are around their own axis for rotation;The disc of gate valve is moved up and down along the axis;Butterfly valves and gate valves can be opened to adjust the flow;Ball valves do not facilitate this.
Butterfly valve,ball valve
Butterfly valve is characterized by fast opening and closing speed, simple structure, low cost, but the tightness and pressure capacity is not good, suitable for making large diameter valves.The characteristics of ball valves are similar to gate valves, but due to the volume and open and close resistance, it is difficult to achieve large diameter.

Ball valves have a better seal than butterfly valves.Ball valve seal is by the seat of long-term extrusion on the sphere, it must wear faster than half ball valve, ball valve seal usually USES flexible materials, it is difficult to use in high temperature and high pressure pipeline.Butterfly valve sealing with rubber as the intermediary, it compared with half ball valve, ball valve, gate valve metal hard sealing performance is far from.