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How many kinds of check valves are there

Posted by Bundor valve
How many check valves are there?The use of a wide range of one-way valves, there are many types, commonly used one-way valves are:
check valve
1, spring: liquid from the bottom up, rely on the pressure of the spring control of the disc, after the pressure disappeared, the spring force will be under the valve disc, closed liquid backflow.Commonly used for smaller size check valves.

2. Gravity type: similar to spring type, it is closed by the gravity of the valve disc to prevent backflow.

3, swing: the liquid in the valve body straight, rely on the pressure of the top open side of the rotary disc, pressure lost, the disc depends on self-weight return, reverse liquid pressure closed disc.

4. Plastic diaphragm type: the shell and diaphragm are plastic.General shell for ABS, PE, PP, NYLON, PC. Diaphragm has silicone resin, fluorine resin and so on.

Other check valves (check valves), such as blowdown check valves, civil air explosion valves and check valves for liquid use are similar in principle.