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Butterfly valve type and model description!

Posted by Bundor valve

With the advancement of technology, the butterfly valve manufacturing process has become more sophisticated, which extends different types and uses more and more. What kinds of butterfly valves are there? What is the corresponding model? Bundor Valve will take you through the type and model description of the butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve type and model description!

Type of butterfly valve
There are many types of butterfly valves, and different classifications can divide butterfly valves into different types. Let's talk about it specifically.
1. According to different connection forms, it can be divided into wafer type butterfly valve, flange type butterfly valve, welding butterfly valve, thread butterfly valve, clamp butterfly valve and so on. The most common types of connections are wafer butterfly valves and flanged butterfly valves.
2. According to the different transmission modes, it can be divided into handle butterfly valve, turbo butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve, hydraulic butterfly valve, solenoid valve and so on. The most common transmission methods are handle, turbine, pneumatic and electric. The handle butterfly valve and the turbo butterfly valve are collectively referred to as a manual butterfly valve.
3. According to the material of the sealing surface, it can be divided into soft sealing butterfly valve and hard sealing butterfly valve. The soft sealing butterfly valve has better sealing performance than the hard sealing butterfly valve. The soft sealing butterfly valve sealing surface is commonly made of EPDM, nitrile rubber and PTFE. Hard seal butterfly valves are mainly used in high temperature and high pressure conditions.
4. According to different structural forms, it can be divided into middle line butterfly valve, single eccentric butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve and triple eccentric butterfly valve. Among them, the middle line butterfly valve generally uses a soft seal; the eccentric butterfly valve uses a hard seal. The triple eccentric butterfly valve is the best performance valve at present, which has the excellent sealing performance of the soft sealing butterfly valve and the high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance of the hard sealing butterfly valve.
5. According to the different working pressure, it can be divided into vacuum butterfly valve (nominal pressure lower than standard atmospheric pressure), low pressure butterfly valve (nominal pressure PN<1.6MPa), medium pressure butterfly valve (nominal pressure PN2.5-6.4MPa), high pressure butterfly valve ( Nominal pressure PN10.0-80.0MPa), ultra-high pressure butterfly valve (nominal pressure PN>100MPa). High-quality butterfly valve manufacturers, the general valve of the general valve has a low pressure butterfly valve and a medium pressure butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve model
The above is the type of butterfly valve. For the description of the butterfly valve model, please refer to the article "Butter Valve Model Representation". The butterfly valve code is D, the commonly used butterfly valve model, the pair of soft seal butterfly valves are D71X, D371X, D671X, D971X, flange type D41X, D341X, D641X, D941X, where X represents rubber material, encountered Pipes with corrosive media can be replaced with F-fluorinated plastic. To represent the hard seal, just replace the X or F, that is, the sealing surface material with H, that is, the metal material.

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