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Where are butterfly valves used?

Posted by Bundor valve

Where are butterfly valves used
A butterfly valve is a control attachment mounted on a pipe that is used to control the flow of fluid medium within the pipe. Butterfly valves are smaller, lighter and easier to install and maintain than other valves. Butterfly valves are also used in a wide range of applications, and butterfly valves are available in many locations. There are many types of butterfly valves. The applicable medium is mainly water fluid, including domestic water, fire water, circulating water, sewage, waste water, etc. In addition, some dust material media can also use butterfly valves.

Where are butterfly valves used?

Butterfly valve advantage
As mentioned above, the butterfly valve is compared with other valves. Under the premise of the same parameters such as caliber and material, the butterfly valve is lighter in weight, smaller in size, and more flexible in opening and closing, and this advantage of the butterfly valve will increase with the caliber. It is becoming more and more obvious that butterfly valves are more suitable for large-diameter valves than other valves. The low cost is one of them. In addition, large-diameter pipes use butterfly valves to control the flow rate. It is not suitable for gate valves or globe valves. For ball valves, for example, our pipe diameter is 1 meter 5. If a gate valve or a shut-off valve is used, the valve needs to be made very large, and it takes up a very large space. The advantage of the small size of the butterfly valve is reflected.

When to use the butterfly valve
The butterfly valve has insufficient pressure bearing capacity and is generally only suitable for use in medium and low pressure working conditions, which can ensure sealing performance. If the pressure is increased, the sealing surface of the butterfly valve will be damaged.

Butterfly valves can be used for flow regulation, but they are usually used on large diameter pipes. In small diameter pipes, we do not recommend using butterfly valves to adjust the flow. First, because of poor adjustment, the second is to adjust the flow rate on the small diameter, the performance of the butterfly valve. Not as good as globe valves and ball valves. It is the sealing performance of the butterfly valve that is inferior to the globe valve and the ball valve.

It can be concluded from the above that the common fields of butterfly valves include water supply and drainage, hydraulic engineering, municipal construction, sewage treatment, electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, medicine and so on.

At present, the market demand for butterfly valves is very large. Fande Xiaobian reminds you to choose a branded and guaranteed manufacturer. If you have the purchase requirements of butterfly valve products, you are welcome to call Bundor Valve.