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SS Knife Gate Valve1
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SS Knife Gate Valve1 SS Knife Gate Valve2 SS Knife Gate Valve3 SS Knife Gate Valve4

SS Knife Gate Valve

【Size Range】: DN50-450

【Pressure】: 150LB

【Body Materials】: WCB/Cast Iron


Product Features

Low torque operation

Rubber encapsulated wedge

Clockwise closing direction

Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and outside

Product Advantage

1.The valve body is made of precision casting, the precise geometry makes the north of the valve body not need any finishing, so as to ensure the tightness of the valve.

2.The body is made of ductile iron QT450-10, shall not be broken by transportation, collision or installation.

3.The valve body adopts streamlined design, so that the medium moves straight in the valve cavity, the flow resistance is smaller and the flow area is larger.

4.The valve adopts bidirectional sealing design, and the installation direction and medium flow direction are not limited.

5.The inside and outside of the valve bodyadopt powder epoxy resin electrostatic coating, which can effectively prevent corrosion and rust caused by contact between valve body and medium, and can be used in sewage system.

6.The valve plate adopts high-quality overall rubber coating, the use of advanced technology makes the vulcanized rubber vulcanization after the valve plate to ensure accurate geometry, and the rubber and ductile iron gate connection is firm and not easy to fall off with good elastic memory, so as to ensure the stable performance of the valve sealing.

7.The bottom of the valve body adopts no groove design, and does not cause accumulation of impurities or dirt, thereby effectively avoiding the leakage caused by impurities scratching of the valve seat.

8.The valve stem is designed with three "O" ring seal. The friction resistance of the switch can be reduced, water leakage is greatly reduced, and the sealing ring can be replaced without cutting off water.

9.The screw made of aluminum bronze material, so the switch is more smooth, not easy to rust, difficult blockage.

10.The overall of valve adopt non rising stem design, reducing the valve, especially large diameter valve installation space.

11.For the installation of valves using in deep well and underground pipe, deep well connecting cap or lengthening rod mechanism can be provided according to customer requirements.

12.Bundor company specialized intentions since 1994, has a professional production, sales, research, after-sales team, is your strong backing of sales and use.


D1 D2 D0 N-Th d H
50 48 152 120 92 180 4--11 19 290
65 48 178 139 105 200 4--11 19 310
80 51 190 152 127 220 4--11 19 350
100 51 220 190 157 240 8--11 19 405
125 57 254 216 186 260 8--10 22 450
150 57 279 241 216 280 8--10 22 510
200 70 343 298 270 300 8--10 22 610
250 70 406 362 324 340 12--9 25 765
300 76 483 432 381 380 12--8 25 820
350 76 533 476 413 400 16--8 29 970
400 89 597 539 470 450 16--8 29 1024
450 89 635 578 533 530 16--8 32 1235


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