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The difference between fire pipeline gate valve and butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
In the fire pipeline, gate valve and butterfly valve are two commonly used valves, so what is the difference between these two valves?

1. Butterfly valves are basically installed on the outlet of the pump, the drainage system, and the risers on the upper and lower floors. These places need to be closed and opened quickly, and the butterfly valve can be opened and closed quickly, which is just right.
2. Gate valves are basically installed on the horizontal pipes of the water supply pipeline, because in the comparison of quality and stability, the gate valve will be better, and those parts do not need quick switches, so the gate valve with better stability will be selected.
3. If the medium in the fire pipeline is steam, choose a gate valve; if it is a fire standpipe, choose a butterfly valve.
4. If it is located in a densely populated area, when setting up a fire pipeline, a large-diameter fire pipeline is generally selected. In this case, because the butterfly valve is more convenient to open and the structure is simple, it is more appropriate to choose a butterfly valve. If it is located in a place with sparse crowd density and no flammable and explosive and other dangerous goods around, a gate valve with better sealing can be selected for control.