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Is it better to use gate valve or butterfly valve for fire pipeline

Posted by Bundor valve
Q: Hello, Bundor Valve, may I ask whether the gate valve or the butterfly valve is better for fire pipelines?
Answer: In fire pipelines, butterfly valves and gate valves are commonly used valves. The specific type of valve needs to be determined according to the working conditions and requirements. It is not simply to compare whether gate valves or butterfly valves are better for fire pipelines.

The valve selection of fire water supply system should meet the following requirements:
1 Buried pipe valves should use non-rising stem gate valve with open and close scale, and a corrosion-resistant rising stem gate valve can be used when it is installed in the valve well;
2 The valve of indoor overhead pipeline should use butterfly valve, rising stem gate valves or non-rising gate valves with open and close scale;
3 For outdoor overhead pipelines, non-rising stem gate valves with open and close scale or corrosion-resistant rising stem gate valves should be used;
4 The valves of buried pipelines shall be ductile iron valves, the valves of indoor overhead pipelines shall be ductile iron or stainless steel valves, and the valves of outdoor overhead pipelines should use ductile iron valves or stainless steel valves.
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