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What kind of soft sealing valve is durable?

Posted by Bundor valve
Valves are consumables. With the passage of time, the valve parts are corroded, eroded, and rusted, which will shorten the service life of the valve. Frequent replacement and repair of the valve will undoubtedly increase labor and time costs.Therefore, in order to reduce unnecessary expenses and reduce costs, many people will ask whether there are more durable soft-sealed valves that can be used for a long time. Then, what kind of soft-sealed valves are durable?

The valve is more durable, which means that the valve has a longer service life.So you want to extend the life of the soft seal valves, it is necessary to do basic three points.

One is to choose the right valve, and you must choose the valve that suits your working conditions.For example, the rubber soft seat Butterfly Valve valve is only suitable for use on pipelines whose medium temperature is lower than 100°C. If it exceeds 100°C, you still insist on using a rubber-soft seat Butterfly Valve, the service life of the soft-sealed valve will be greatly shortened.Also, for example, pressure mismatch, material mismatch, etc. will affect the life of the soft seat Butterfly Valve.

The second is to choose a good valve. After choosing a soft-seal valve with matching parameters, it also depends on the quality of the valve itself.In order to grab more profits, some valve manufacturers use shoddy materials for soft seal valves. Although the price of inferior soft seat Butterfly Valve has fallen, the quality has also come down.The service life of the valve cannot be guaranteed, and the valve will not be durable.

The third is to maintain the valve, such as the soft seat Butterfly Valve that has not been used, and it should be kept properly. It should be kept in a cool and ventilated place to avoid being exposed to sunlight or damp. The inside of the valve body should be cleaned regularly. There should be no debris. Avoid bumps during transportation;Secondly, the soft seat Butterfly Valve that has been put into use should be maintained and maintained regularly. The rust removal and rust removal, and the lubrication of the lubrication can prolong the service life of the valve and make the valve more durable.