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Main uses of gate valves

Posted by Bundor valve
What are the main uses of gate valves?Gate valve has a wide range of use, generally diameter DN≥50mm are used for blocking devices, sometimes very small caliber blocking devices also choose gate valve.The main function of gate valve is to be used as cut-off medium. When it is fully open, the whole flow is smooth and longitudinal. At this time, the pressure loss of medium operation is minimal.Gate valves are usually closed without the need for frequent opening and closing, and keep the gate fully open or fully closed.Not intended for use as a regulator or throttle.For high speed moving media, the gate vibration can be caused when the gate is partially opened, and the vibration may damage the sealing surface of the gate and the valve seat, and the throttling will cause the gate to suffer from the media erosion.
gate valves
Gate valve adaptability is stronger than butterfly valve, whether high temperature, low temperature, or high pressure, low pressure conditions can be used gate valve.In the steam pipeline and large diameter water supply pipeline, due to the need for higher sealing performance, small fluid resistance, gate valve is more suitable.