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Principle of clamp butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
When we discuss the clamp butterfly valve, the general discussion is more soft seal, because the clamp soft seal butterfly valve has the advantages of low cost, simple structure and wide range of use.So do you understand the principle of soft seal on clamp butterfly valve?
clamp butterfly valve
Working principle of clamp butterfly valve

The butterfly valve is opened or closed mainly by rotating the disc disc in the valve body around the central axis, and the rotation Angle is between 0-90°.

When the rotation Angle is 0°, the disc is parallel to the valve body, at this time the valve is in a fully closed state, stop flow;When the rotation Angle is between 0° and 90°, the butterfly plate and the valve body produce a certain Angle, at this time the valve is in a semi-open and closed state, can adjust the flow of the medium in the pipeline operation;

When the rotation Angle reaches 90°, the disc is perpendicular to the valve body, the valve is in full open state, and the valve flow reaches the maximum.

Sealing principle of clamp butterfly valve

When the butterfly plate is processed, the sealing surface should be guaranteed with proper surface roughness.Synthetic rubber seats are molded to produce a suitable surface roughness on the sealing surface.When the butterfly plate is closed, through the rotation of the butterfly plate, the cylindrical sealing surface of the butterfly plate squeezes the synthetic rubber valve seat, so that the elastic force of the synthetic rubber valve seat can be used as the sealing pressure to ensure the sealing of the valve.