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API 609 Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Posted by Bundor valve
API is an acronym for American Petroleum Institute.Founded in 1919, API was the first national business association in the United States and one of the earliest and most successful standards-setting chambers of commerce worldwide.
The organization is based on the characteristics of the industry and the needs of the industry itself.In 1924, the API specification was developed to guide the production of products related to the petroleum industry.API specifications developed by the API organization have been widely adopted by countries in the world due to their advanced nature, versatility, security and the continuous expansion of the influence of the American petroleum industry in the world.As a result, API, originally an academic organization for the U.S. oil industry, has evolved into an authoritative academic organization for the oil industry that transcends national boundaries.
Butterfly Valve Manufacturer
In 2020, Bundor valve successfully passed the API-6D certification and API-609 certification of American Petroleum Institute, and has become the API 609 Butterfly Valve Manufacturer. Welcome friends from all over the world to come to inquire about Bundor butterfly valves and purchase Bundor butterfly valves.