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Non return check valve price

Posted by Bundor valve
Check valve is a kind of automatic valve, it does not need manual operation, only rely on the pressure of the flow medium in the pipeline to push the valve disc, can realize the valve closed and opened;When the medium in the pipeline where the check valve stops flowing, the check valve disc loses the pressure of the medium, and then closes. It can prevent the medium in the pipeline from flowing backwards, and plays a great role in ensuring the safety of the pipeline.
check valve
Check valve function is so large, so the demand for check valves is also very large, every day there will be a lot of customers to Bundor inquiry check valve.What about check valve prices?For example, how much is a 100 caliber check valve?

For the check valve price, it is necessary to calculate the relevant parameter information to give, what is the parameter information that affects the check valve price there?

The common check valve forms are butterfly check valve, muffler check valve, swing check valve and so on.Different structural forms of check valves, material materials, workmanship process are not the same, the price will be different.

Usually the material is related to the working condition environment, and different working conditions need to be used with different materials to ensure the normal operation of the valve.Check valve commonly used materials are ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc., which is also one of the important factors affecting the price of check valve.

Of course, the influence of check valve price factors far more than the above two, in view of the space is limited, there are more questions, you can directly consult online customer service, or submit your contact information on the right side of the article, we will be the first time for you to answer questions.