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ss304 check valve factory

Posted by Bundor valve
ss304 check valve, as the name implies is made of ss304 check valve,There are several common ss304 check valves:
ss304 check valve
1. Lifting ss304 check valve

Lift check valve disc is located on the valve body seat sealing surface, can be divided into straight and vertical two.Straight-through lift check valves can only be installed in the horizontal pipeline, and vertical lift check valves are generally installed in the vertical pipeline.In addition to the valve disc can be freely lifted up and down, the rest of the valve as the globe valve, fluid pressure makes the valve disc from the seat sealing surface, the medium backflow causes the valve disc back to the seat, and cut off the flow.Depending on the conditions of use, the disc can be an all-metal structure, or it can be in the form of rubber pad or rubber ring inlaid on the disc rack.

2. Swing ss304 check valve

Swing check valves have a hinged mechanism and a door-like disc that rests freely against the sloped seat surface.In order to ensure that the valve disc can reach the proper position of the valve seat surface every time, the valve disc is designed in the hinge mechanism, so that the valve disc has enough space to swing, and the valve disc is truly and fully in contact with the valve seat.Disc can be made entirely of metal, leather, rubber, or synthetic cover, depending on performance requirements.Swing check valves provide almost unimpeded fluid pressure when fully open, resulting in a relatively small pressure drop through the valve.

3. Butterfly ss304 check valve

Straight - through check valves are similar in construction to butterfly valves.Its structure is simple, the flow resistance is small, the water hammer pressure is also small.

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