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Non-rising stem gate valve factory

Posted by Bundor valve
Non-rising stem gate valve factory for you to recommend the Bundor valve, the production of gray iron non-rising stem gate valve and ductile iron non-rising stem gate valve, mainly used in water source engineering, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and other water system pipeline, the product quality is excellent, after-sales service worry-free, welcome to inquire non-rising stem gate valve.
Non-rising stem gate valve
The opening and closing part of the non-rising stem gate valve is the gate plate, which moves up and down around the stem to open and close the valve.The motion direction of the gate is perpendicular to the motion direction of the medium in the pipeline.As with other types of gate valves, non-rising stem gate valves can only be fully open and fully closed and cannot be used for flow regulation.When the gate is fully open, the medium has the least resistance as it flows through the body passage.
The gate moves up and down in a straight line with the stem, which has threads on it. When turning the stem, the stem moves up and down in a straight line under the action of the nut on the top of the valve and the guide groove on the body, and the stem drives the gate in the same time.The motion direction of the gate is perpendicular to the flow direction of the medium in the pipe.
Because stem threads are inside the body, non-rising stem gate valves cannot be opened and closed by observing stem position, as open stem smell valves are.Under normal circumstances, the open and close state of the non-rising stem gate valve to turn the stem so far, but in consideration of special conditions, the valve appears locked, in order to ensure the production safety of the pipeline, non-rising stem gate valve is generally opened to the stem to turn after turning 1~2 turns.
The overall height of the dark stem valve will not change in the working process, so the non-rising stem gate valve occupies less space during installation, and is more suitable for installation in the environment with limited space such as indoor.