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Rubber seat butterfly valve factory

Posted by Bundor valve
Rubber seat butterfly valve seat is the rubber material for the butterfly valve, also known as the soft seal butterfly valve.
Rubber seat butterfly valve suitable for the media according to different rubber materials also have some differences.Common rubber seat material is EPDM and NBR rubber.
butterfly valve
EPDM rubber: Compared with other general rubber, EPDM rubber has very high cost performance. EPDM material is resistant to aging, sun exposure, heat resistance, moisture resistance and radiation, and has good insulation performance.Applicable temperature range -20-120℃.

EPDM seat butterfly valve suitable for the medium of weak acid and weak base of water, steam, etc.
NBR rubber, the material is oil resistant, wear-resistant and has good water resistance, air tightness and excellent bonding performance.In the application of oil pipelines more, the disadvantages are poor temperature resistance, ozone resistance, insulation performance is very poor, general elasticity.The temperature range of NBR rubber is 0-80℃.NBR rubber seat butterfly valve suitable for oil medium.
Rubber seat butterfly valve factory
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