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Soft seal gate valve company

Posted by Bundor valve
Soft seal gate valve company recommends Bundor valve for you.The soft seal gate valve produced by Bundor valve achieves a good sealing effect by utilizing the deformation compensation effect of the integral sealing rubber, and overcomes the phenomenon of poor seal, leakage and rust of general gate valve.The bottom of the soft-seal gate valve adopts the same flat bottom design as the water pipe, which will not cause debris accumulation and make the fluid unobstructed.Can be widely used in tap water, sewage, construction, light textile, electric power, shipping, metallurgy, energy systems on the energy fluid line as a regulation and closure device.
Soft seal gate valve
Advantages of soft-seal gate valves

1, the advantages of the soft seal gate valve first from its cost, the general soft seal gate valve series most of the whole are used in ductile iron QT450.The cost of this valve body will be much more affordable than that of cast steel and stainless steel.This is quite affordable compared to the project batch purchase, and is in the case of quality is also guaranteed.

2, then from the performance characteristics of the soft seal gate valve, the soft seal gate valve's gate plate is lined with elastic rubber, the internal use is a wedge structure.The top handwheel mechanism is selected to make the screw drop to drive the elastic ram down, and sealed with the internal wedge groove.Because the elastic rubber gate can be telescopic extrusion, thus achieving a good sealing effect.Therefore, the soft seal gate valve in water conservancy, and some non-corrosive media sealing effect is obvious.

3. Thirdly, for the post-maintenance of soft-sealed gate valve, the soft-sealed gate valve is simple in design, easy to remove and install.When the valve is used for a long time, the flexible gate plate inside the gate valve will lose its elasticity due to frequent switching. Over time, the rubber will lose its elasticity, leading to loose closing and valve leakage.At this time, the structural design advantages of the soft seal gate valve are reflected, allowing maintenance personnel to directly open and replace the gate plate, without the need to remove the entire valve, which saves time and effort and saves human and material resources for the site.