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Specification for butterfly valve installation

Posted by Bundor valve
Bundor valve introduces the butterfly valve installation specifications.
butterfly valve
Pre-installation inspection

1) Check whether the valve model and specification are in accordance with the design model.

2) Check whether the valve service conditions meet the design requirements according to the design drawings.

3) The valve must have the product certificate and the manufacturer's nameplate.

4) Before installation, the valve should be inspected one by one in terms of appearance and action, to check whether the valve stem is flexible in rotation and whether there is any stuck phenomenon.

5) The valve should be sampled for 10% of the batch and no less than 1 piece for dimension inspection;If unqualified, check again 20%;If there are still nonconformities, the appearance quality should be inspected one by one, and the proportion of valve sampling inspection and hydrostatic test should be carried out in accordance with relevant specifications.

6) Clean the inner cavity of the valve. It is not allowed to attach foreign matter to the seal ring and disc. It is not allowed to close the butterfly plate before cleaning, so as not to damage the seal ring.

7) When the valve is not in use, the butterfly plate should be in a slightly open state. The valve should be stored in a well-ventilated and dry warehouse in order to avoid light and prevent rubber aging. Stacking and open storage are strictly prohibited.The two ends of the valve should be sealed to prevent dust and impurities from entering the valve.

The valve installation

1) Sandwich-type butterfly valve shall be installed in the closed state.

2) It is not allowed to damage the sealing surface during installation.Appropriate gaskets shall be used when connecting pipe fittings of metal materials.

3) Before installation of flange valve, clean the paint on sealing surface and waterline with hacksaw blade.

4) Special flange for disc valve should be used for installation of matching flange of wafer butterfly valve.

5) The size of flange valve gasket shall be appropriate to the sealing surface. The size of flange gasket shall be selected correctly and meet the design requirements.

6) The valve stem installed horizontally shall be vertically upward. If operation is inconvenient, upward tilt or horizontal installation is allowed, but downward tilt or downward installation is never allowed.

7) When installing large valves, support shall be installed in advance and the quality of the valve shall not be attached to the equipment and pipelines.