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Cast iron gate valves vs. carbon steel gate valves

Posted by Bundor valve
Cast iron gate valves or carbon steel gate valves?This article Bundor valve for you to introduce.
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Cast iron gate valves
Cast iron gate valves are divided into gray iron gate valves and ductile iron gate valves.The valve body of gray iron gate valve is made of gray iron and its seal is copper seal.The valve body of ductile iron gate valve is made of ductile iron and sealed with rubber seal.Cast iron gate valves have two types of structure: rising stem and dark stem.
Cast iron gate valves are mainly used in water system pipelines, suitable for ambient temperature and low pressure, including municipal water supply, building water supply and drainage, farmland irrigation and so on.
Carbon steel gate valve
Carbon steel gate valve is basically a rising stem structure, the sealing surface material is stainless steel, can be used in high temperature, high pressure environment, such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, energy systems and other pipelines, the use of carbon steel gate valve.