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Pneumatic butterfly valve installation method

Posted by Bundor valve
Pneumatic butterfly valve installation method and matters needing attention:
Pneumatic butterfly valve
1, pneumatic butterfly valve to do a good check before installation, to ensure that all parts are complete, the model is correct, there is no impurities in the valve body, solenoid valve and muffler no blocking;

2. During installation, the butterfly plate and cylinder of the pneumatic butterfly valve should be in the closed position.

3. After installation, the valve should be debugged.Under normal circumstances, the air supply pressure of pneumatic butterfly valve is 0.4~ 0.6mpa. During debugging, the solenoid valve shall be manually operated to observe the opening and closing of pneumatic butterfly valve.

4. Keep the valve dry before installation and store it in a cool and dry place, not in the open air;

5. Before installation, make sure that the valve body and pipelines of pneumatic butterfly valve are clean and there are no impurities such as welding slag.

6 pneumatic butterfly valve, wafer, can use when connected to the pipe installation for special flange butterfly valve, sealing, of course, if you use a wide-brimmed seat butterfly valve to the clamp, use common flange can also, because of DE wide-brimmed seat has a wider than normal butterfly valve to the clamp seal face, can ensure the seal.

7, must first welding the flange to the pipe, and then to install the valve, if the first valve to welding the flange, it will scald the rubber parts in the valve body, affect the sealing and service life.

The above simple pneumatic butterfly valve installation method for you, if you have purchased the valve of Bundor, need detailed installation method, please click on the online customer service, or telephone contact us, we will send a person to provide detailed installation guidance for you.

In addition to remind you, after the installation of the valve into the work, the need for regular maintenance and maintenance, in order to make the pneumatic butterfly valve can maintain long-term performance.