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Butterfly valve type and classification

Posted by Bundor valve

Butterfly valve according to the structure can be divided into offset plate, vertical plate, inclined plate and lever.According to seal form cent is more seal type and hard seal type two kinds.Soft seal butterfly valve generally USES rubber ring seal, hard seal butterfly valve usually USES metal ring seal, according to the type of connection is divided into flange connection and clamping connection, according to the transmission mode is divided into manual, gear drive, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.
Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve for a variety of, and in special working conditions, the corresponding use of butterfly valve products are not the same, so for this type of valve, should be selected separately with the engineer!Butterfly valves can be divided into the following forms according to common types and classification:

(1) Classification according to structure and form

1. Center seal butterfly valve

2. Single eccentric seal butterfly valve

3. Double eccentric seal butterfly valve

4. Triple eccentric seal butterfly valve

(2) Classification by link mode

1. Sandwich butterfly valve

2. Flanged butterfly valve

3. Supporting ear butterfly valve

4. Welded butterfly valve

(3) According to the working temperature classification

1. The high temperature.T>450 °C butterfly valve.

2. Medium temperature butterfly valve.120 c & lt;T<Butterfly valve at 450 ℃.

3. Normal temperature butterfly valve.- 40 c & lt;T<Butterfly valve at 120 °C.

4. Low temperature butterfly valve.- 100 & lt;T<-40 °C butterfly valve.

(4) Classified according to sealing surface material

1. Butterfly valve with soft seal.(1) The sealing pair is composed of non-metallic soft material and non-metallic soft material.(2) The sealing pair is composed of metallic hard material and non-metallic soft material.

2. Metal hard seal butterfly valve.Sealing pair is composed of metal hard material to metal hard material.

(5) Classification by working pressure

1. Vacuum butterfly valve, the working pressure is lower than the standard pile atmosphere butterfly valve.

2. Low pressure butterfly valve, nominal pressure PN<Butterfly valve 1.6mpa.

3. Medium pressure butterfly valve, nominal pressure PN 2.5-6.4mpa butterfly valve.

4. High-pressure butterfly valve, butterfly valve with nominal pressure PN of 10.0-80.0mpa.

5. Ultra-high pressure butterfly valve, nominal pressure PN>Butterfly valve 100MPa.

(vi) Classification according to sealing form

1. Forced seal butterfly valve.

(1) Elastic seal butterfly valve.Seal specific pressure is caused by the disc squeezing the seat on closing and the elasticity of the seat or disc.(2) Additional torque seal butterfly valve.The seal specific pressure is generated by torque applied to the valve shaft.

2. Pressurized seal butterfly valve.The specific seal pressure is generated by the charging of the cartridge seal element on the seat or disc.

3. Automatically seal butterfly valve.Seal specific pressure is generated automatically by medium pressure.