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Which is better, ball valve or butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
ball valve,butterfly valve
Which is better, ball valve or butterfly valve?

1. flow capacity, the flow capacity of ball valve is better than butterfly valve, because butterfly valve in the open state, butterfly plate in the valve body channel occupied a part of the flow channel, the smaller the diameter they occupy the larger proportion of the flow channel.

2. Service temperature: ball valve is not suitable for steam medium due to sealing material and structure, while butterfly valve can be used for conventional (below 350℃) saturated steam medium for heating.

3. The stress of the pipe network, because of the valve structure, butterfly valves can bear more stress.

4. Service life, ball valve and butterfly valve have a long service life, but the ball valve seal structure in the non-metal plays an important role, and hard seal butterfly valve metal to metal seal, service life will be longer.

5. Operating torque: the opening and closing torque of the butterfly valve with three eccentric metal seals is very small, while the contact area of the sealing surface of the ball valve increases by a factor of two as the diameter increases. The opening and closing torque of the ball valve with large diameter is very large. Therefore, butterfly valve is more suitable for large diameter valves.

6. Sealing performance, ball valve sealing performance is better than butterfly valve, ball valve for two-way zero leakage.Butterfly valves are two - way ANSI Class V standard (no visible leakage).

7. The price of ball valves ≤DN250 caliber will be better, and butterfly valves ≥DN300 caliber will have more advantages.