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Butterfly valve and globe valve distinction

Posted by Bundor valve
What is the difference between butterfly valve and globe valve?
 Butterfly valve,globe valve
Globe valve: simple structure, convenient manufacture and maintenance, good regulating performance, widely used in various medium pipeline.However, the direction of the fluid through the globe valve has changed, so the resistance is large, not suitable for large viscosity, containing suspended materials and easy to crystallize materials pipeline, also not suitable for vent valve and low vacuum system valves.Globe valves are widely used in a variety of pressure fluid pipeline, steam and compressed air pipeline is also commonly used globe valves.
Globe valve is a commonly used cut-off valve, mainly used to connect or cut off the pipeline medium, generally not used to regulate the flow.Globe valves are suitable for a wide range of pressure and temperature, but are generally used for medium - and small-diameter pipelines.
Butterfly valve: a regulator with simple structure.Due to the butterfly valve is not suitable for close coordination with the pipe wall, only suitable for regulating flow, can not be used to cut off the pipeline, often used to transport air and smoke on the pipeline to regulate flow.
Butterfly valve is with the stem rotation of the circular disc as the opening and closing parts, in order to achieve the opening and closing action of the valve.Butterfly valve is mainly used with the cut-off valve, can also be designed to have the function of adjustment or truncation and adjustment.At present, butterfly valve is more and more used in low - pressure medium - and large-diameter pipelines.
The globe valve regulation performance is much better than the butterfly valve, and in the same specification, the price of the globe valve will be higher than the butterfly valve.