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How does a pneumatic valve operate correctly?

Posted by Bundor valve
Compared with ordinary valves, pneumatic valves have one more pneumatic piston actuator. Its components are: adjusting bolt, actuator box, crank arm, cylinder block, cylinder shaft, piston, connecting rod, and universal shaft. Different from manual operation, it uses compressed air as the power source, and the crank arm is rotated by 90 degrees through the movement of the piston to achieve automatic opening and closing of the valve.
Pneumatic valve is divided into two types: switch type and adjustment type according to the control method. One switch is controlled by two positions and one is proportional adjustment.
The pneumatic butterfly valves and gate valves of Bundor Valve are popular with many customers because of their high quality. They are widely used in the pipelines of corrosive media such as metallurgy, power, petroleum, chemical industry, air and water supply and drainage. Pneumatic valves must not only be purchased in good quality, but also operated correctly in order to effectively extend their life. So how should the pneumatic valve operate correctly?
1. Pneumatic valves are opened and closed in accordance with clockwise during operation.
2. The opening and closing speed of the pneumatic valve in the artificial opening and closing pipe network should not be too much, and the large-caliber valve can be within 200-600 rpm.
3. The larger opening and closing torque should be 240N-m under the condition of pipeline common pressure, which is to facilitate the opening and closing operation when one person.
4. The opening and closing operation end of the pneumatic valve should be a square vertebra with standardized dimensions and face the ground so that people can operate directly from the ground. Valves with roulette are not suitable for underground pipe networks.
5. In order to ensure that there is no excessive opening and closing, the scale of the opening and closing degree should be strikingly cast on the cover of the gearbox or the shell of the display panel after the direction is changed, and all of them should face the ground. Once the adjustment standard is opened and closed, it should be locked with rivets.
6. If the pneumatic valve is buried deeper, it is necessary to set up a solid and reliable extension rod facility for personnel observation and operation. The pneumatic valve in the official website is not suitable for downhole operation.
The above are some suggestions provided by BAND Valve on "the correct operation method of pneumatic valve". If you need to buy some pneumatic valves, you may wish to know about Bundor's pneumatic valve products!