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Function of check valve

Posted by Bundor valve
The check valve is an automatic valve that opens and closes the disc depending on the pressure of the flow of the medium itself.Check valve is mainly used to prevent media backflow, backflow, so it is also called reverse check valve, one-way valve.Check valve belongs to an automatic valve, its role is to prevent the media backflow, prevent the pump and drive motor reversal, as well as the release of the container media.
check valve
The check valve is mainly used in the pump water supply system to prevent the impact of high pressure water backflow on the pump impeller.When the water pump in the water supply system suddenly stops running, the pressure in the pump disappears instantly, and the high-pressure water connected with the pump outlet will flow back to the water pump.The check valve installed at the outlet of the pump closes immediately after the medium pressure is removed to prevent the reverse flow of high pressure water back to the pump.

Imagine if there is no check valve installed at the pump outlet, the high-pressure water flows back to the pump, and the pump impeller reverses under the impact of the high-pressure water.Impinged by high-pressure water, the impellers or other parts may become loose or damaged.And when the pump is running again, loose or damaged impeller can also fly out, to the production work to bring huge safety risks.

A check valve in a hot water system prevents hot water from flowing back into the line. If a check valve is not installed, the return of hot water can damage the line or even cause injury.