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The difference between butterfly valve and ball valve

Posted by Bundor valve
What is the difference between a butterfly valve and a ball valve?The structure of butterfly valve is simple and applicable to a wider range.And the ball valve is only suitable for the fluid medium pipeline without particle impurities;Ball valves have better sealing performance and higher cost.One sentence summary butterfly valve and ball valve in the use of the difference that is, small diameter ball valve, large diameter butterfly valve.
butterfly valve,ball valve
Under normal circumstances, small diameter working conditions below DN50 recommended to choose the screw ball valve is more cost-effective, and DN50 above the ball valve is generally connected to the flange, because of the processing technology and materials, the price is more expensive.

Ball valve sealing performance and its flow characteristics, so that it is widely used in the paper industry, natural gas industry and high pressure field and so on.

Butterfly valve is usually used in the DN50 above the large diameter occasions, compared with the ball valve, the structure of the butterfly valve is simpler, the price is relatively low, generally in the pressure PN16 below the working conditions, of course, the metal seal eccentric butterfly valve applicable pressure can reach PN40.But the butterfly valve sealing performance is poor than the ball valve.

The biggest difference between butterfly valve and ball valve is the butterfly valve opening and closing piece is a disc shaped butterfly plate, the ball valve opening and closing piece is a round ball.Both open and close the same way, butterfly valve butterfly plate and ball valve spool ball, are around the axis of their own stem rotation movement to achieve the opening and closing of the valve.Butterfly valve and ball valve sealing surface is also different, butterfly valve seat sealing surface is a circular cylinder, while ball valve seat sealing surface is spherical.

Butterfly valve is characterized by opening and closing very quickly, very simple structure, relatively low cost, suitable for large diameter valves, the disadvantage is poor sealing performance and pressure capacity.The sealing performance of the ball valve is good, suitable for the fluid medium without particle impurities, strong resistance to pressure, pressure loss is small.Disadvantages are high cost, high price, and by their own volume and open and closed resistance restrictions, can not do large diameter.