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Heating valve with valve on heating pipe

Posted by Bundor valve
This general DE valve for you to introduce the heating pipes with valves.
Heating, refers to the low average annual temperature of the country in winter to protect against the cold facilities.In a broad sense, it refers to the products and methods that make people get the heating demand. It is the products that increase the ambient temperature after heating the heat media and then heating the air to form heat exchange.
The common heating facilities are water heating schemes. In fact, the earliest design requirements mainly come from the coping strategies generated by the freezing of water pipes in winter in areas where the temperature will reach below 0℃.
Heating in a narrow sense is a central heating facilities.The steam or hot water generated by the boiler is carried by pipes (i.e. heating pipes) to the radiator (i.e. radiator) in the room or inside the car, which releases the heat, raises the room temperature, and then flows back to the boiler for reheating and circulation.There is a rule that the water used for heating must be clean water for people's health.Clean water must be used for heating to benefit the environment.

Heating system composition
Heat source + terminal equipment + control system + piping system
Heat source: namely system host, wall boiler, floor boiler, heating/hot water dual function;
End: equipment is heat dissipation media, such as radiator, floor heating coil, fan coil;
Control: including host control system and terminal control system;
System piping: it is the transportation of heat media, connecting the host and terminal equipment. The optimized design of piping system is an important guarantee for the normal and good operation of heating system.Also type hvac company professional level.
Valves used in heating pipelines are: gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, safety valve, regulating valve, balance valve, self-balancing valve.
Before the radiator is generally used temperature control valve or copper ball valve, the pipe is generally used globe valve, the door is still locked regulating valve, filter. Heat meter and balance valve. In addition, there are globe valve, bypass valve.
Gate valves for liquids, globe valves for steam, disc valves for water. 
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