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Direction of valve pressure and installation direction requirements

Posted by Bundor valve
The pressure of the valve as the name implies is the pressure that the valve can bear, namely the pressure grade of the valve is not lower than the design pressure grade of the pipeline.The pressure direction means that the valve is applied in the closed state after the pipeline working condition, and the direction of the arrow of the valve body is the direction recommended to bear the pressure.Generally according to the use of process flow or use the situation, the same direction is the direction of pressure (valve gate on both sides of the media pressure is high side) consistent with the flow direction, the opposite direction and is the direction of pressure (valve gate on both sides of the media pressure is high side) and the flow direction of the media is opposite.

Many valves are directional, such as throttle, pressure relief, check, etc., and if installed upside down, it may affect service and life (such as throttle), or it may not work at all (such as pressure relief valve) and may even be dangerous (such as check valve).General valve, on the valve body direction sign;In case of no, according to the working principle of the valve, the correct identification.

The arrow marked on the valve body indicates the direction of pressure recommended by the valve, not the direction of medium flow.Valves with a two-way seal can be marked either without the indicated arrow or with the arrow indicated, as the valve arrow indicates the preferred direction of pressure, left or right or up or down.It is usually installed incorrectly by engineering installation company as medium flow mark, resulting in leakage or even pipeline accidents.

The valve chamber of the globe valve is asymmetric, fluid to let it from the bottom up through the valve port, so that the fluid resistance is small (determined by the shape), open energy-saving (due to the medium pressure up), after the closure of the media pressure packing, easy to overhaul.This is why the globe valve is not inverted.Other valves have their own characteristics.

Valve installation position must be convenient for operation;Even if the installation is temporarily difficult, but also for the operator's long-term work.Best valve handwheel and chest alignment (generally from the operating floor 1.2 m), in this way, opening and closing the valve is less effort.Floor valve handwheel to face up, do not tilt, so as not to operate awkwardly.

Rely on the wall machine to rely on the valve of the equipment, also should leave room for the operator to stand.To avoid skyward operation, especially acid and alkali, toxic media, or very unsafe.

Do not flip (that is, handwheel down), otherwise the medium will be retained in the bonnet space for a long time, easy to corrosion stem, and for some process requirements by taboo.It is inconvenient to change packing at the same time.Open stem gate valve, do not install underground, or corrode exposed stem due to moisture.Lifting check valve, when installed to ensure that its disc vertical, so that the lifting flexibility.Swing check valve, installed to ensure that the pin shaft horizontal, so that the swing flexible.The pressure relief valve shall be installed vertically in a horizontal line and shall not be tilted in any direction.