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Butterfly valve model representation

Posted by Bundor valve

Butterfly valves are widely used valves that are used primarily on industrial or domestic piping to control flow.
Bundor valve uses the butterfly valve model D71X-16Z as an example to explain the composition of the butterfly valve model.
With this figure, we can know the composition of the butterfly valve model, then what are the code numbers for each component of the butterfly valve model?

Common additional codes are BD thermal butterfly valve, SD telescopic butterfly valve, TLD desulfurization butterfly valve, DKS fast butterfly valve, FDBD square louver butterfly valve. According to the type of butterfly valve, it is added in front of the model, such as SD41X, which means it is a flange telescopic butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve model representation

Butterfly valve code: D;

Drive mode code: manual (omitted not written), turbine drive code 3, pneumatic code 6, electric code 9;

Connection form code: internal thread code 1, flange connection code 4, welding code 6, clip type connection code 7, clamp connection code 8;

Structural form code: 1 for the midline type, 2 for the double eccentricity, and 3 for the triple eccentricity;

Sealing surface material or lining material code: X-rubber, F-polytetrafluoroethylene, H-stainless steel, J-liner, T-copper alloy, Y-hard alloy, W means direct processing of valve body;

Pressure code: Commonly used pressure levels in China are PN1.0Mpa (10 kg), PN1.6mpa (16 kg), PN2.5mpa (25 kg), PN4.0mpa (40 kg), where PN represents the code of domestic pressure. , MPA is the unit of pressure, 1mpa = 10 kg pressure;

Body material code: cast steel-C, cast iron-Z, ductile iron-Q, stainless steel 304-P, stainless steel 316-R;

These are the components of the butterfly valve model, then return to the above example, D71X-16Z, the butterfly valve model letter means the mid-line butterfly valve, handle operation, rubber seal, cast iron material, pressure 16 kg.